49 21 62

Difficoltà tecnica   Medio

Tempo  7 ore 11 minuti

Coordinate 1340

Uploaded 29 giugno 2016

Recorded giugno 2016

2.499 m
1.889 m
14,17 km

Visto 208 volte, scaricato 4 volte

vicino Passolanciano-Maielletta, Abruzzo (Italia)

Rifugio Bruno Pomilio bivacco fusco

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  • Karst1 29-giu-2016

    Because we are living in a flat country it takes some time to get used to the steep Hills. Furthermore we loved to enjoy the spectacular view. Therefor the hike can be done in lesser time. Make sure to check the weatherforecast at meteo aeronaunica. It can be very Windy up there!

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