Friends of the Kalderimi

ORG Friends of the Kalderimi

The Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion is a nature loving, conservation, cultural and walking society and a non-profit organisation. Since 2007 we have aimed to promote, enhance and preserve the natural beauty of South Pelion and make it accessible for both residents and visitors.
In the South Pelion area there is a wonderful network of stone donkey paths dating back hundreds of years, known as kalderimia. They are easily seen within the villages of Pelion. They also link villages and settlements throughout the area. Many of the old paths have disappeared under pressure from increased building and the extension of asphalt roads, and some have been converted into agricultural, earth roads to allow access to fields and olive groves. However, many still exist and have been opened up by our group, although some are still blocked by vegetation or abandoned through disrepair. In addition to the kalderimia, an informal network of footpaths exists allowing foot access to agricultural land, and used by shepherds, local people and, increasingly, by visitors.
Our group has marked a selection of walking routes consisting of kalderimia, monopatia and earth roads within the South Pelion area. We have used yellow waymarker signs and red paint marks to help you find your way.

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