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Ani Eska


✔ I use to travel with my 🐕
✔ I'm not an expert
✔ The hike that I do can serve as an idea, not a guide

What I mean by difficulty level with favorable weather conditions:

EASY - No difficulties (rock difficulties 0-) - the track does not require the use of hands.

MODERATE - Slight difficulties (rock difficulty 0) - it is necessary to use your hands on very short fragments.

DIFFICULT - Moderate difficulties (rock difficulties 0/0+) - the need to use your hands to climb longer sections (often facilitations in the form of chains or clasps).

VERY DIFFICULT / EXPERT - Moderate exposure significant difficulties (rock difficulties 0+/ I) - climbing with high exposure, the need to search for convenient holds and steps in the exposed area (e.g. usually facilitations in the form of chains, clamps or ladders).

The track covered by the above scale* are done without safety equipment, but sometimes with artificial facilities.

* the comparative digital degree of rock difficulty according to the UIAA scale is given in brackets

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