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308 m
153 m
56,58 km

Visto 63 volte, scaricato 1 volte

vicino Taivalkoski, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa (Suomi)

Start in Taivalkoski directly from Hotel
First 15 km through groomed trails
Then a fairly pretty section of narrow single trail in woods
One river crossing
One of several lake crossings before you get to mid point (you will tell by perfectly flat section with absence of nearby trees)
Then reasonably ondulating track to Syötekeskus, which is a small hotel at the top of a hill used for downhill skiing
The allowed us to use the ski lift to get ourselves up to the hotel. It´s a tow lift, not a seat lift.
Possibly the most ondulating of the first 3 days
Net Time 5hr 1 min
Done with Skin skis which are proving to be the preferred choice (I brought both Wax and Skins and tomorrow will be 3 out of 4 days on Skins)

Lodging was at Hotelli Pikku Skyote
It lies atop a hill so if you get a sunny day fairly amazing views.
There are "drying rooms" in the hotel where you can get your clothes dry (good if you want to wash). There was ski wax service.


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