Tempo  un'ora 40 minuti

Coordinate 627

Caricato 16 gennaio 2017

Recorded gennaio 2017

594 m
503 m
6,44 km

Visto 891 volte, scaricato 3 volte

vicino Weywertzer Heck, Wallonia (Belgique)

This track follows the red loipe from the Ski Club Weywertz (http://www.ski-club-weywertz.net/index.html; https://www.eastbelgium.com/nl/fiche/wintersports/ski-club-weywertz). This loipe is a bit more than 6 km. The loipes are nicely maintained in a quiet area. There is a skihut with ski rental and a sledding hill at the start.
This loipe takes you through undulating countryside with alternately pasture and forest. The loipe first goes across pasture together with other loipes to a bifurcation where red and black separate from green/orange. You go down to the Baumbach and then climb through a fir forest (Weywertzer Heck). At the highest point you turn left and descend to the edge of the forest and follow another stream down to the Schlangenvenn. Here you enter pasture and ski through open countryside with wide views. You pass below the Vennbahn, and shortly after descend quite steeply into the Warche valley. You go all the way down to the river and from here ascend back to the starting point.

Ascent through fir forest

Here at the Baumbach starts a 40 m ascent through fir forest.

Bifurcation red/orange trail

Here the red and black loipe (the black loipe seems to follow the exact same route as the red loipe) bifurcate from the orange (8 km) and green loipe (4 km).


From here you descend 40 m quite steeply into the Warche valley

La Warche

Here is a bridge across the Warche with nice views. The bridge is a short detour from the loipe.

Track through pasture

Here you leave the forest and continue through open countryside with wide views.


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