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vicino a Carbondale (historical), California (United States)

A nice hike up to a spectacular waterfall on Orange County.

WARNING: This hike starts out on a public road that passes through private land. Do NOT wander off the road until you get past the private property areas. The land owners are polite if you are respectful of their boundaries, but there are stories of them being very mean when hikers get nosy. Beware of electrified fences.

Once you reach the creek portion of the trail, the hike becomes difficult. Watch out for poison oak. A lot of boulder hopping during this portion. Gloves and sturdy shoes are recommended. If you can make it to the falls, the view is spectacular. It is unknown if the tunnel at the falls was man-made or naturally carved. Towards the very end of the hike my GPS started dying. Just keep following the creek to get there.

Total time ~6 hours

Black Star Waterfall


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