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vicino a Áyios Vasílios, West Greece (Greece)

Bike route to Nafpaktia, village Trikorfo.

0,0km - Ag Vassileios. The ride starts from Ag Vassileios to Rio ferry docks. With a ferry to the other side of the bay, Antirio.

6,5km - Antirio. The route goes west / north-west with local roads, to meet national road 5, Antirio - Agrinio. The ascent around Paliovouna begins in village Riza, up to about 160m and later down to Gavrolimni (all by national road).

21,1km - Gavrolimni. The route leaves national road and turns right to Trikorfo (small, not well visible sign). After about 5km (1km after the village), asphalt road ends and dirt, rocky one begins with steeper ascent, until the highest point of the route 350m.

30,2km - Highest point. At this point the route turns a bit left, to take a road downhill, all the way to the river (with a little extra turn to the smaller mountains spring to refill water, between 32nd and 33th km).

35,9km - River Efinos. After steep descent (with some dangerous parts due to destroyed dirt road), the route reaches Efinos river and a small church a little up from it (see photo). Back to Trikorfo with steep ascent first, and a bit more flat section later, to join the same route at 39th km.

40,5km - Back in Trikorfo. From this point return was done with the same path until ferry in Antirio.

62,3km - Rio docks. This time not back to Ag Vassileios, but to Mpozaitika, for well deserved lunch :-D

66,2km - Mpozaitika. The end.

The route is moderate, mainly for the distance, some uphills and a bit dangerous parts on dirt roads (probably due to recent heavy rain falls). Very beautiful views to Patras municipality from Paliovouna ascent, and Nafpaktia mountains and Efinos river from Trikorfo area.


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