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vicino a Rapshë, Shkodër (Albania)

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This half day tour brings you from one valley to the other, from Kelmend to Shkrel. Leaving the new asphalt road in Rrapsh you gently climb a rather rocky 4x4 road towards the village of Bratosh. After a first settlement called Kastrat, you will reach Bratosh through a small descend - give its village life and catholic church a short look. After Bratosh the trail climbs on a very rocky 4x4 road for about 3km – either push your bike or then train your professional climbing skills & endurance. After that you reach the village of Vrith and another asphalt road, which you can cycle over some narrow slopes up to the touristic village of Razem, the final destination of this tour.
VICE VERSA OPTION: 18km / +250m You can also do this half day the other way round, expect clearly less altitude to climb, but instead the very rocky 4x4 track (from Vrith to Bratosh) as a descend.

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