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vicino a Reç, Shkodër (Albania)

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This demanding tour (calculate up to a full day) brings you to an impressive ghost village high in the mountains over lake Shkodra. From the village of Rec you climb just short over some half 4x4- half donkey-tracks, before you reach an asphalt road for another short climb. This takes you up to the village of “Qafe Grade”. After that its natural dirt road, on which you climb further through some beautiful chestnut woods. A final 2km of climb takes you over some steep, dry and rocky 4x4 track in spectacular surrounding. You need some biking-skills to not push here. The turning point of this tour is the remote and half deserted village of Rrepisht. Beautiful old houses, the occasional villager and the backdrop against the rocky peaks create a unique atmosphere. But no shop, no bar, no well, maybe not even (one of the few) villagers in sight. So go prepared up there. The same route takes you back, with the first 2km again pretty rough & rocky downhill. The way back to the starting point differs in the end: For the last descend down to Rec you now completely use the asphalt road.

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