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vicino a Pivka, Pivka (Slovenija)

The route starts in the center of Pivka and follows dirt road along and above the railway track toward Vremscica. Approach is over the small hill above the village of Volce where you start the real ascent. You follow dirt road through the wood and going uphill all the time. Then you come out of the wood at the top plateau near the sheep farm. You should follow the road few hundred meters forward from the farm and then turn left on foot path/dual track toward the summit. Descent is along the ridge at the same direction we came from, but you have to turn left at red sign to direction Skocjanske jame/Magajnova pot. Quite technical descent, FS bike prefferable. When you reach the main road turn lef for few kilometer then leave the asphalt road at the chicken sign. Return follows the same road as approach with a little twist at the end. Enjoy.

Turn left


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