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vicino a Pátrai, West Greece (Greece)

The route from Patra city center to windmill farm (Etoliko Parko) in Panachaiko mountain range.

0,0km - the route starts from the city center, just above plateia Georgiou, and follows Karaiskaki and Korinthou streets to north-east, and later by Panepistimiou up to Olympico Hospital.

3,5km - Hospital. The route continues up with Aretha str and at 5th km turns sharp right and soon passes over bypass of Patras (Perimetriki). After another 3km, route crosses the river (most probably possible only in the dry months) and continues up in direction of Ano Kastritsi.
NOTE: route between 10th and 13th km was done by smaller roads and paths through some very old passes where I had to drag the bike. It is much better to follow the main road and skip this part!

17,6km - Ano Kastritsi at 460m. the last village on the way up and very soon end of asphalt road. At about 19th km there is last chance to stock up on water at the spring next to the road - this is were the dirt road starts with much steeper climb.

27,6km - trasmitters at 1235m. End of the steep climb passing next to some trasmitter station. Fairly flat part starts from here until the bigger road to Etoliko parko later on (at 30th km). From here route follows wide dirt road until the windmills.

34,1km - Etoliko Parko at 1587m. Very nice views in all directions from the highest point of the route. After about 500m the route leaves the main road and follows smaller dirt road to the right with a steep descent. The surface is very bad and in many parts I decided to get off the bike and walk down.

41,0km - Road crossing. At this point the road is much better than at the start of the descent. Route follows straigh / right, while there is an option to the left towards refuge.

45,0km - another crossing. The route turns very sharp rigth, while the option straigh leeds to village Zastova.

49,0km - CRASH :-/ At one of the turns I had a rather serious looking crash when the front wheel bumped on one of many loose rocks and I was not able to control it. Fortunately I have only stratched my right shoulder, knee and wrist. Also, luckly enough, the bike didnt suffer any major damages :-D and after fixing flat tire and 10min rest I could continue down (much slower and much more carefully!). Very soon from the crash (You can notice 2 missing turns on the trails), asphalt road starts again and leeds all the way down to the river and traffic lights next to Tofalos stadium.

58,0km - Tofalos. Back to the center by Panepistimiou, Korynthou and Kanakari. Slowly and still in pain :-/

64,5km - relief after 7,5h adventure!

The major challange was surprizingly not the ascent but the weather! With temp above 40C and almost no shadow all over the route, the ride became extremely difficult. At altidutes above 1200m, the wind also became major problem! (sthg that should not surprize me considering the windmill farm was there :-P) I stocked with over 4l of water in Ano Kastritsi and still had to buy some extra at first kiosk near Tofalos at return. I also ate more than 2000kcal in snacks :-P and felt out of energy :-P The level is very difficult for overall: distance, ascent, weather conditions and rocky steep roads. But views and challange are great reward :-D



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Radio Station


Last Spring


Ano Kastritsi

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Patras Bypass

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