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vicino a Áyios Vasílios, West Greece (Greece)

MTB loop in Nafpaktia.

0,0km at 10m - Ag Vassileios. Start west to Rio and ferry to the other side to Antirio

6,2km at 0m - Antirio. With national road to Naupaktos (from 11,6km done by the sea), through the center, next to old port.

18,0km at 15m - River Ska. After the bridge turn left and start of mild climb until ring road. After passing under ring road, in direction to the monastery, climb becomes very steep.

23,0km at 280m - Monastery Metamorfosys Nafpaktou. End of steep climb at the monastery. Great views to the bay, bridge and Nafpaktos (photo 1). From the monastery, still up, with a road to windmills, in direction to Neokastro / Loutra Stachtis. Some parts are dirt roads, some asphalt.

27,7km at 540m - Church. End of asphalt and start of nice wide dirt road.

33,5km at 950m - Ag Triada (photo 2). Highest point of the route, just before Neokastro. Still great views to the bay and windmill park. Steady and nice downhill starts from here, still with wide dirt roads.

35,4km at 890m - Crossroads to Neokastro. There is a view to the village from the crossroads (photo x), but the trail turns right and continues downhill.

38,0km at 800m - Back on asphalt. End of dirt road and back on asphalt downhill to Stylia and Sykea villages.

43,9km at 490m - Water spring in Stylia (photo 3). Small stop next to spring with nice and cold water. This was lowest point of downhill. Fairly flat section starts from here. The road is very good, with asphalt through the villages and wide dirt road between.

51,1km at 490m - Asphalt road to Rigani. End of flat dirt road section at asphalt road to Rigani with a climb. Great views to Evinos river (photo 4)!

55,5km at 600m - Rigani (photo 5). Another short stop for a snack next to the church. The trail continues with main road back to Nafpaktos with fast downhill. Again great views to Evinos river with Chani Bania bridge (photo 6).

NOTE: Road Nafpaktos - Rigani is closed for car traffic due to land slide that destroyed the road in some sections, but it is possible to pass with 4x4 car or mtb.

72,5km at 50m - Nafpaktos ring road. Back in Nafpaktos and With local roads back to national road Nafpaktos-Antirio and following it back to Antirio docks.

81,8km at 0m - Antirio. Back home with a ferry.

88,4km at 5m - Ag Vassileios.

Level of the route is between moderate and difficult. It has no technical parts, everything is done either on asphalt roads or on very wide and in good condition dirt roads, so I finally decided to mark it moderate. Great views to the bay from first part of the trail, and to Evinos river and hills of nafpaktia from the second part!
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