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85,56 km

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vicino Mazzanta, Toscana (Italia)

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  • Foto di Carlos Stump

    Carlos Stump 7-ago-2018

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    Km 25 the path is blocked with branches and bushes, rest is ridable. Ascent information is wrong and is around 1,800m. Technically not very challenging although not easy, definitely not very difficult. I did it in 5hours in August and rhe worst was not the temperature but the mosquitoes; at once I had around 30 surrounding and following me, making the ascent an inferno.

  • Foto di fauleman

    fauleman 7-ago-2018

    I publish my ride paths "as is", I'm not a tour operator.
    -About path blocked at Km 25: I cannot do more.
    -About ascent infos: yes is worng, but my gps says 1762m (is recalculated worng by wikiloc?).
    -About not very difficult path: I'm a tourist biker, around 60km are more technical descents.
    -About temperatures and mosquitoes: I cannot do more, but Bayer can.

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