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vicino a Lëpushë, Shkodër (Albania)

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This one is a gentle half day tour around the village and hamlets of Lepushe. Starting from “Qafe Bordolec” (=pass of Bordolec) with its café church etc., it takes you down over some short asphalt to the center of Lepushe village. Here the trail changes into a natural road, which takes you along the houses of the village and soon down to the small river of the valley. You follow the river on changing sides and over various terrain for about 3km, before you reach over a bridge the new main asphalt road of the valley (connecting Lepushe & Vermosh). Follow this road another max 2 km downwards, before you reach the point where the road passes a scenic narrow gorge. Enjoy the scenery, before you climb back on asphalt to your starting point, the Qafe Bordolec.

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