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vicino a Lëpushë, Shkodër (Albania)

For your Swiss quality mountain bike adventure in Albania & Kosova, check out the creators of these trails: www.ide-albania.com
This is “into the wild”: From Lepushe we climb a 4x4 gravel road with some steep and rocky sections up to the highest point of this full day tour. Here the track starts to follow more or less the altitude, and it becomes softer / muddier. We bike along the ridge, and get fantastic views down into the main valley of Kelmend. The trail then starts to lose altitude, and after a total of approx 10km you reach a lonely alpine pasture with some abandoned huts, the occasional shepherd & his animals still grazing the area. This is our turning point for the day, and we follow the same way back up to the highest point. From there we turn left, for some variation in the downhill: A 10km long track through woods & pastures, often garnished with splendid panorama. Back in Lepushe we are, enjoy a local beer!

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