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vicino Nidhríon, Ionian Islands (Greece)

This is a roundtrip on central Lefkada island, Greece. It starts at sea level in Nydri, leads to the mountain village of Karya (~500 meters above sea level) and back to Nydri.

Technical skills: Medium. Almost 90% of the tour are on secondary roads, the rest is on forest tracks. Some basic mountain biking experience is required, meaning that you should be able to ride your bike over some loose rocks and gravel. But the tour can be done without full suspension, and a regular hard-tail mountain bike will do well.

Physical difficulty: Medium. This is a rather short tour, but there are some steep climbs and steady uphill sections.

Things to bring: 2 liters of water, a banana or energy bar, a helmet. There's a wellspring with drinking water on the way (see waypoint).

Even though most of the tour is on asphalt (= boring), you are well compensated by lots of stunning views across the island and to the mainland, as well as by a nice downhill section in the forest.

Note: Avoid forest fires! Please don't smoke in the forest. Don't throw away bottles or garbage. Watch out for hikers and wildlife.

All photos by kernpanik, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


Wellspring with drinking water.


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