336 m
112 m
32,47 km

Visto 89 volte, scaricato 5 volte

vicino Vanon, Veneto (Italia)

Lazise-Rocca-Garda 2

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  • Foto di Robert Heikens

    Robert Heikens 21-lug-2017

    Nice route, uses some parts of the existing MTB route. I noticed that at some points Konrad took the wrong turn and had to go back ;) if you are aware of this, then that is not an issue.
    The parts at the forest and hills near Bardolini forest are spectacular, I am not sure if I took the right track because I had to keep my eyes on the track, which was steep and full of rocks. However not difficult, just be careful. I really enjoyed the route.

  • Konrad DaKone 21-lug-2017

    Robert, you are right, I had some wrong turns but it was never too far...Happy to hear that you enjoyed my trip

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