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vicino a Laufen, Bâle Campagne (Switzerland)

This is the second stage of the Swiss national mountain bike route nr 3, called Jura Bike. The track takes us from Laufen (Basel Land canton) to Delemont, the main city in the Jura canton.

The track is rather easy and, apart from very short single track sections, is a classic cross country ride that goes up and down the hills of the Jura park. We rode it with full suspension all mountain bikes, but any basic hard tail bike will do.

The track begins with two ascents of approx 300 meters each, that from Laufen railway station takes us to the Welschgätterli pass at 810 meters. Nothing too hard, apart from the very last uphill to reach the pass that is barely rideable. The route unwinds through a thick forest and sometimes offers nice views of the hilly farmland landscapes down below.

After the pass, it is all ups and downs on a fire road again cutting through the woods and following the southern contour of the mountains, until we reach the uninspiring city of Delemont.


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