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vicino a Wangguanzhaicun, Liaoning (China)

A short scenic and hilly bicycle loop from Kaifaqu to the "Golden Sands" beach resort. The central hill section challenged the lowest gear of a quality TREK mountain bicycle. The hill section was done from the east towards the west, and caution is required in case of rough pavement or other obstacles when descending at speed.

There is an alternate loop closer to the seashore that is a less strenuous climb.

Golden Sands Beaches

A popular seaside summer holiday area.

Small Shrine near the beach

WC facilities near here
Acque termali

Health and hot spring spa

A large modern facility
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Hill resort

A popular tourist area. Pull out here provides a rest half way up the hill.

Crest of the hill

Very steep climbs and descents around this area. Control speed of decent, rough broken patches of pavement might be encountered at bottom towards the west side.

Jinshitan Road junction

An alternate route, closer to the shoreline, joins here in a T junction.
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The Dalian Greenway

The Dalian Greenway pedestrian and bicycle paths


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