1.050 m
447 m
52,69 km

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vicino Vorder-Stieg, Zürich (Switzerland)

More information on the Swiss Mountain Bike Tracks network at:

The Route 22 is one of the Regional Tracks, it goes from Zurich to Einsiedeln (66 km).

The first part of the track has been done using an alternative to the 'official' 22 route:

Felsenegg - Albispass - Türlersee - Vollenweis - Schonau

I joined the 22 route in Unter Rifferswil.

And then it is very easy to follow, there are signs all along the track.

Beautiful views of the Aegerisee and the mountains (Mythenregion).

Length: 55,34 km
Net time: 3:43:12
Uphill: 1142 m
Downhill: 1052 m

Rated as moderate because of the lenght and some effort uphill, technically it is an easy track.


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