Tempo  2 ore 53 minuti

Coordinate 1572

Uploaded 16 marzo 2015

Recorded marzo 2015

6 m
-26 m
49,35 km

Visto 3226 volte, scaricato 23 volte

vicino Oost-Meerpolder, Zuid-Holland (Nederland)

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Circular track from Pijnacker to the 11 km MTB track "Broekpolder" (Vlaardingen) and back.

From Pijnacker Zuid we take the unpaved "Boezemweg" in the direction of the Ackerdijkse Plassen, passing the windmill "The Valk" (WYPT) and the "single track" along the Berkelse Zweth (WYPT). After passing underneath the A13 the route enters "Midden Delfland": a green area in between the urban zones of Rotterdam, Delft and Pijnacker. We pass the canal "Delftse Schie" via the "Kandelaarbrug", close to the village "Zweth" where a two-Michelin-star restaurant is located.

The route follows westward just north of Schiedam and Vlaardingen. At three points we go off-road (see WYPTS "Off Road 01, 02 and 03"), but this part can be done entirely through paved bike lanes.

At WYPT "A" we go south and after passing the "Vlaardinger Vaart" via a beautiful twisted bridge we arrive at the recreative area "Broekpolder" and the start/finish point of the MTB track (WYPT). The MTB track is very well indicated by the international MTB signs (triangle with two circles underneath) and consists mainly of single-tracks. More information on MTBroutes.nl (in Dutch). At WYPT "Temporary detour" there is a 500 m detour after which we incorporate with the original track again with some nice short climbs. At WYPT "B" it is somewhat harder to follow the track which goes here back and forth at the two sides of a small dike.

After finishing the MTB track, and you don't opt for doing another round, the track goes north again to WYPT "A", where we take the very nice biking path along the river Vliet. Via bicycle paths through the Abtswoudse park and along the Delftse Schie we arrive at the Kruithuis (gunpowder house, see WYPT) in Delft. Via Delfgauw and the unpaved path along the N470 (WYPT "C") we arrive back to Pijnacker Zuid. On the right hand side of this path there is a bird area. You can stop here and climb the lookout tower to spot some domestic and migratory birds.

- Time in movement: 2 hr 34 min

- Average speed moving: 19,7 km/hr

- Max velocity: 42,6 km/hr

- Recorded on 08/03/2015
08-MRT-15 11:03:03
08-MRT-15 9:18:53
08-MRT-15 11:41:15
08-MRT-15 9:28:18
08-MRT-15 11:30:43
08-MRT-15 11:42:54
08-MRT-15 9:39:34
08-MRT-15 9:47:16
08-MRT-15 10:08:46
08-MRT-15 9:16:18


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