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Tempo  4 ore 40 minuti

Coordinate 7347

Uploaded 9 marzo 2019

Recorded marzo 2019

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1.629 m
268 m
49,65 km

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vicino Domodossola, Piemonte (Italia)

190309 Domodossola - Giovera di sopra - Domodossola

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  • Foto di Matthias B

    Matthias B 13-mag-2019

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    Long climb, but wonderful views, pittoresque villages and lovely nature. The trails down are very good and getting better and better the lower you get. At the end the route is a little crazy, down to the river, up again, down to the river, up again...
    In my opinion the trails are more red than blue. But maybe it was because all the dry leaves made it a little slippery and I did Alpe Pescia before, so I was a little tired.
    Overall a very nice route!

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