• Foto di Wheeler Pass
  • Foto di Wheeler Pass
  • Foto di Wheeler Pass
  • Foto di Wheeler Pass
  • Foto di Wheeler Pass
  • Foto di Wheeler Pass

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vicino a Lee Canyon Summer Home Area, Nevada (United States)

Wheeler Pass starts at the small town of Cold Creek, Nevada which is about about ten miles west of the equally small town of Indian Springs. The elevation is about 6000 ft so the weather is generally cool during this part of the trip.

There are miles of trails within a one mile radius of the start point. Trails to the South of the start point are quite rocky. Wild horses are probably the biggest obstacle if you decide to ride around the starting point.

The first part of the Wheeler Pass is a winding road that passes several small homes and arrives at the beginning of a one mile trail that actually goes to the top of the pass. This road get progressively more difficult as you approach the highest point. I would not recommend this to anyone but an experienced motorcycle rider. Only 4x4's with a very high clearance and excellent tires should even attempt this trail.

At the top of the pass, the road is fair for the remainder of the trip. The road gradually winds down the mountain into beautiful wooded areas and relatively smooth roads. Lots of beautiful camping areas on the west side.

The road continues down into the town of Pahrump. There are service stations, places to eat, and car parts place nearby.

Overall, this is really one of the best trails around.

3 commenti

  • JakeinVegas 1-apr-2015

    Ho seguito questo percorso  Vedi altro

    Wheeler pass is awesome, nuff said. Once you've descended from the peak, there are some great side trails and fun hill climbs.

  • Foto di Norleck

    Norleck 26-ott-2015

    Rough going up the North side. Cake on the South side. Great view if the clouds are gone. Aint found the side trails yet like JakeinVegas said but I'll get to them soon enough!

  • Foto di Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker 8-dic-2015

    Ho seguito questo percorso  Vedi altro

    Finally did this route for the first time a couple of weeks ago. A little snow made the finally climb near the top interesting but a nice view and easy sailing down the back side. Great trail.

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