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vicino a Mountain Springs, Nevada (United States)

Trail consists of three parts, 11 Miles of Lovell Canyon Road - paved narrow road, 10 miles of Lovell Summit Road - Winding dirt road for slow riding and sight seeing, and 7 miles of Trout Canyon Road - a fast and clear gravel road. Trail spends a lot of time above 5000 feet making it comfortable even in the summer.

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    Jeff Baker 1-ago-2015

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    Of the dozen or so trails that I have ridden around Vegas so far this is one of my favorites. Did this route for the first time in early July. It was 80+ degrees in the valley at 6:00AM. As soon as I reached the summit in Mountain Springs it was perfect and by the time I reached the top of Lovell Canyon Rd. I was shivering. Beautiful scenery and a great place to get out of the heat for a while. I am marking this as moderate because the first 2 mile climb to the summit is steep in sections, has several blind turns and a few deep ruts from runoff. Nothing crazy, just be aware and cautious. Took me around 3.5 hours round trip from the middle of Henderson with a few stops to relax and sight see. I've also done just the first 2 miles to the summit and back for a quicker trip -- takes off about an hour.

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    fastferrachi 24-ago-2015

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    This is a super fun road-to-off road canyon road. It's very easy to follow no GPS needed. I did this on my Triumph Scrambler and had a blast! So if you have a bigger adventure bike or a classic vintage bike that you like to take off the road feel free to do so on this route. The first part of the road right off of main road (rt160) is twisty and fun. A good place to shoot some on road video with no interruption. Once you get to the turn off to hit the dirt by the Torino Ranch entrance, you head up the canyon. It's very switchback until the top. But not difficult at all. After that you can expect the road to twist up and down through the canyon and through the woods to grandma's house. It's basically gravel road with a slightly loose base. No deep gravel all the way to the Trout Canyon road (80% road/20% dirt tires can handle this no issue) Once you reach Trout Canyon road, hook a left and head towards the main highway. I traveled the Trout Canyon road at about 55 mph on a Triumph Scrambler all the way back to the highway that heads right into Pahrump... Super fun!

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