• Foto di Hertfordshire Green Lanes
  • Foto di Hertfordshire Green Lanes

Tempo  5 ore 7 minuti

Coordinate 3619

Uploaded 1 marzo 2014

Recorded marzo 2014

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161 m
52 m
105,04 km

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vicino Reed, England (United Kingdom)

Green lanes in Hertfordshire: most are easy with the odd one being more difficult if it has rained recently. One lane in particular had water as deep as the top of my front fender and close to going into my air intake. I stopped many times to take in the scenery so its achievable in far less time. There is also a cafe at the start point as well as a bakery halfway through the ride.


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  • Foto di Flukey4

    Flukey4 23-dic-2015

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    Some nice green lanes, fairly flat but slippery when wet.
    A section in a field turns right and goes uphill.
    Don't stop if it's wet as its hard to get traction again.

  • Jay Saintey-Howee 22-nov-2017

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    Nice route with some wide open trails allowing you to go a bit faster safely. If it's rained recently some parts are very slippery. Some of the trail has been damaged by large 4x4's and created some really nasty ruts but makes for a little more fun!

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