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vicino Kolnes, Rogaland (Norge)

Headed out in a hury to catch Rob and Sven Age Headed to tananger. Just as we got there, the wind droped off to nearly nothing. Loped for a short time, but the kite was wet and hevey and ended up ing the water. Struggles for ages to relaunch but decided to swim in the end. Kite got water in it and i was getting draged by the current past the island. The swell was crashing into the rocks. At the last minute I ditched the kite completely and swam around where the waves were not too bad. It was dodgy though and i banged the board on my way in. Climbed up on the rocks and watched my kite. It was not moving, just sitting on the outside of the wave. Waited for 20 minutes and then decided to jump in. Swam out to the kite, unwound the bar. Attached it to my leash and came back to the rocks on the wave. Again really dodgy, but the kite acted like an anchor and stoped me geting totaly slammed. Managed to tow the kite around to the side where the wave was not so big. Got the kite empty and launched again, but it was not enough. Sven Age turned up on the shore, so I packed down and waided back to the shore for a lift back to Sola. So, lessons learnt. As soon as i decided to swim, i should have tried to pack the kite. In open swell there was minimal chance of getting tangled. I need to practice this in the shalows some time. If i had managed to pack the kite and get it on my board, then i could have swum away from the wave around to the sheltered side of the island. Leashing the board worked well whilst dealing with the kite. Totaly nackered now!


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