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vicino a Broedersdraai, Limpopo (Republic of South Africa)

The group that went after us about two months later reported the path at Wolkberg had been completely chopped open on day 2 and 3. They did not end up using there machete at all. They completed the hike in 4 days.

Here is a review from when we did it:

Wolkberg day 1 is very easy and relatively short, most of which is a ground road.

Day 2 and 3 was very slow and some what frustrating as you hack through the rain forest with a machete. At the end of day 3 as you look for the path over Kruger's nose you will find the GPS jumps as it struggles to get signal through the tall thick trees. It is best to use a compass at this point and head in a north direction to find Kruger's nose. Expect to spend lots of time finding the path over Kruger's nose and be very careful here as there is a large drop as you go over Kruger's nose to your right. If it is getting dark rather set up camp and look for it in the morning. There was no maintenance being done at all and a Machete was a requirement on day 2 and 3. In fact the machete was blunt by day 3.

Day 4 and 5 again where relatively easy and distance can be covered quickly. Day 4 we cut across the veld following a gps track but I suggest using the ground roads rather than taking our route as this is much faster. Day 5 is mostly ground roads. I suggest taking plenty water when you cross the river for the last time as the last section is a hot uphill walk with no water.

Some advice I gave the group that went after us, was to do this hike in reverse. The first day is then longer but all downhill with water being available on the second half of the day when things warm up. This also means you going down Kruger's nose on day 3 and don't have to struggle to find the path to go up Kruger's nose. You will still be fighting the overgrown rain forest on day 3 and 4 but you will be doing it going downhill making day 3 and 4 also easier. Day 5 will be a shorter but still uphill walk with lots of water for most of it.


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