Rees Storm
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Tempo  2 ore 57 minuti

Coordinate 1017

Caricato 4 novembre 2017

Recorded novembre 2017

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2.778 m
2.380 m
5,71 km

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vicino El Puente, Hidalgo (Mexico)

Beautiful downhill hike through gorgeous miradores, waterfalls and an amazing w/waterfall in the back and murales, past old small adobe casita then into town.

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  • Foto di Benjamin Forest

    Benjamin Forest 6-feb-2018

    This hike is extremely cool. I don't know many people who take this trail.
    This means you are one of the few "lucky" people to have hiked this.

  • Foto di Benjamin Forest

    Benjamin Forest 6-feb-2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    This is a great hike, with beautiful scenery.
    Remember to always walk next to the river.
    This river will take you all the way to Chico.
    You also get a chance to watch el "valle de las monjas" from a really close distance. When you get to the adobe house you are 40 minutes or 1 hour away from Chico.

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