Tempo  3 ore 33 minuti

Coordinate 547

Caricato 24 novembre 2016

Recorded novembre 2016

709 m
105 m
5,77 km

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vicino Oatlands, Western Cape (Republic of South Africa)

A fantastic hike up Swartkop Mountain in Simon's Town. Amazing flowers/vegetation, some wildlife and of course fantastic views from the top. Make sure to pick a nice day, winds and changing weather would be a big problem.

It is a serious climb, with more climb and a higher peak than Lion's Head. The path is in spots rocky, steep and overgrown. Make sure to look at the last picture and read the comments below it. We took a wrong turn early and fell off the correct path, if you download this trail make sure to follow it in reverse. The path coming down was much easier to follow and extends a lot further to the north (and towards Simon's Town harbour) than we originally thought. We followed it easily on the way down and back to our car. Parking is available on the street at the start point (Churchill Ave and Smuts Drive). There are some stone markers and a burnt sign but mostly you are on your own, heading up towards the highest peak in the area with very few other hikers.

This is a hidden gem and one of my favourite hikes in the area. Pick a calm day when you can see the peak from the street and you will be rewarded!

Found path

This is the point where we got back on the correct path. Near the beginning, the trail actually heads north away from the mountain for the first few switchbacks as you gain elevation. If you download, follow this trail in reverse for the correct path up the mountain.

Pill Box

WWII Pill Box to defend the area against attack?? Military facilities can be seen from the mountain.


Some burnt signage here indicating an Intersection? Saw no other clear options so we continued straight ahead.

Shoulder of the mountain

Not quite at the peak but still excellent views of False Bay and Simon's Town.


One of the furthest points north (northwest). Counter intuitive so I made a note. There is a tennis court sandwiched between two football/soccer fields where you make the turn south and head back towards the mountain.

Swartkop Summit

The top is marked by a couple of cairns. The elevation at the peak is 709 meters (a climb of over 600 meters).

Head north!

This is the spot where we went wrong. Leave the lane here and turn right to take the small foot path.


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