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vicino Gilberts, California (United States)

This trail takes you to a junction with the Old Rubicon Hiking Trail. This trail is designated for hikers, horses, and mountain bikes only. Unfortunately the OHV crowd has recently found this trail and parts of the trail have been heavily damaged. To be fair, it is hard to blame them from using this trail because the USFS has not put up any signs prohibiting motorized vehicles. (OHV users are allowed on the North Little Deer Creek Trail--maybe they are confused). In any event the trail is pretty as it drops down quickly in elevation and into old growth forest. It starts at point A which is the end of the 13N77AN spur road, that is un-drivable long before point A. Point B is the junction with the Old Rubicon Hiking Trail which is another beautiful non-motorized trail.


Trailhead at end of 13N77AN road.


Junction with Old Rubicon Hiking Trail


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