Tempo  3 ore 37 minuti

Coordinate 991

Caricato 19 novembre 2016

Recorded novembre 2016

135 m
27 m
10,61 km

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vicino Klaasjagersberg, Western Cape (Republic of South Africa)

An interesting hike at Cape Point Park, where we added an inland portion onto the shipwreck hike. We started at the parking area by Olifantsbos and followed the trail as best we could along the coastline. The path diverges and in this area it was somewhat difficult to follow (very few markers, walking over rock and sand). Stick to the shoreline and at Olifantsbos Point you see the rusty remains of the Thomas T. Tucker, an American troop ship that ran aground on its maiden voyage in the fall of 1942.

Past this point at an inlet we found some signage (see waypoint named intersection 1) and from here the trail was obvious and easy to follow.

The terrain was interesting and included beach, dunes, old lake beds, hills and a lakeside portion. A surprising amount of wildlife including ostrich, bontebok and zebra.

It was windy, occasionally with sand, but it was a rewarding hike and worth doing.

Intersection 1

This is where we pulled away from the shoreline and headed inland.

Intersection 2

Signage was posted at all intersections.

Intersection 3

The trail runs along the near side of the lake. This is also the highest elevation of the hike.


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