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vicino Dobongdong, Seoul (South Korea)

From Dobongsan Station (도봉산역) (do not mistake with Dobong Station which is one stop before) cross the street and follow the street full of hiking shop and restaurants until the information hut whick mark the Dobongsan Park entrance. If it's open you can ask for some free maps and different informations.
From the Dobongsan Park entrance take the bridge right on your left. You will pass in front of some temples before to quickly reach a toilet point. Few meters after you will find a panel of the trail. take the path on your left, you will find a relaxing and sport area. You can take the path right on your left (in front of a small house), that's the trail I draw or cross this area and take the path over there. Both lead to the same top point. The way up is moderate and there are many points you can have a break on the side. After around 2 km up you will arrive on Dobongju Ridgeline which is one technical part of the trail follow by a serie of up and down stairs . Keep going until you arrive at the feet of Jaunbong (자운봉). Here the trail split in two, one small stair on your right, and one big granite place on your left. You can directly reach the top of Jaunbong (자운봉) taking the small stair on your right and climbing a steep granite path, or you can do the trail as I draw on the map taking the path on your left and crossing the granite place. If you cross the granite place you will find a panel marking spliting trail. You can only use the path going down on your left, the path on the right is used on way path and only use for the way back. After few meters going down take the path going up on your right until you reach the top.
For the way down you can use the same path until Jaunbong (자운봉) or use the path you couldn't use going up. Be carefull it's really steep and technical so if you are not so good at climbing or if the ground is wet I suggest you not to take it. Same do not use it at all in when there is snow, and so ice... When you reach Jaunbong (자운봉) just take the stair on the other side you arrive from. There are differents way down but all start quiete steep and finish flater. They all bring to the same point. End of the trail ending with a 500m road reaching to the Dobongsan Park entrance Hut.

This trail has been done trail running, 1h05 up, 25 mins down so hiking count 2h-2h30 up, 1h down. If you decide to do the little loop on the top count 30 mins more for it.


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