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vicino Palazzuolo sul Senio, Toscana (Italia)

Quick hiking trail from Visano (near Palazzuolo sul Senio) to the Sega del Polvento, a great point of view!
It's a pretty uphill slope not asphalted, but if you have a jeep you can surely park here (I've seen some hunters leave their vehicle here).
The junction is a bit hidden, and if there's someone parked you can easily take the wrong turn.
First hunter I met was over this gate, so stay aware
Great panoramic view from here on a sunny day!
If you go on the right, you will head to Palazzuolo
Old unused church, maybe you can enter on some days.
You must leave the car here, since at the end of the asphalted road is written everywhere to not leave the car. If you have a jeep you can go along the unasphalted trail and leave it a bit uphill.
Little wooden gate to a pasture that is also boar hunting zone... so be aware!


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