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vicino Santa Luce, Toscana (Italia)

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  • dave.jackson 15-giu-2016


    Today 15.06.16, My wife and I set off on the Hiking Tail 401 from San Martino to Largo di Santa Luca lake.
    The track from San Martino to the lake was easy going up to the point where the 401 meets the 402.
    The plan was to walk the 402 clockwise around the lake to the 401 and then back to San Martino.
    At the track junction on the map there was nothing to be seen as a hiking route, neither clockwise or anticlockwise.
    Everything was overgrown with brambles and deep vegetation. We struggled along the field edge in a clockwise direction for 3 km,
    the only tracks were those of wild pigs and deer. Eventually we emerged by a food light mast at south end of the dam, here we stopped to remove the thorns, corn and other plant life from our shoes and socks.
    This is the point where we were first set upon by an angry Italian watchman on a moped and his barking dog. He was shouting very loudly and gesturing to the effect that we could not cross the dam. This was not news, and we had no intention of doing so, only to follow the well-marked hiking route that was visible from this point and shown on the information boards (see Picture attached).
    I explained in my best Italian that we were following the hiking route 402 and would walk around the marked route. He left still gesturing.
    Half way around the route he appeared again even louder that before but without his dog and made it quite clear that we could not follow the hiking route as the exit was barred by a gate which was locked.
    I can only imagine that, him being the watchman, he had the key and had no intention of opening the gate to any hikers. He pointed us in the wrong direction across a farmers field to a road where we could eventually walk 2km back to the locked gate. This hiking route should be investigated and if access is restricted by Angry Luigi then hikers should be warned to stay clear.


    Dave Jackson

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