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Caricato 25 febbraio 2018

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vicino Santa Ana (Santana), Guanajuato (Mexico)

Like so many trails in the area, there are options. While we started at the bridge just east of Santa Ana, it may be easier to start in the village, or even the former mine site further to the west. While we hugged the west shore of the lake/presa for the first part of the hike, I suspect it would have been easier to find a trail (likely a few cattle trails) higher up above the lake to avoid some rough areas and having to climb a couple of steep sections.

It appears that it might be easy to follow above the east shore of the lake although the side we traversed had a couple of wonderful potential camping spots.

At the end of the Presa (at the dam), there are wonderful hiking opportunities to the west. We headed up a ridge towards the cell phone towers and, from the top, following the ridge south before descending towards Panteon Nuevo (New Cemetery) and the Colonia of Pueblito Rocha.

Again, I believe our hiking time was a more than indicated in Wikiloc (close to three hours), although, finding an easier route above the west shore of the lake probably would have reduced hiking time considerably.
From the head of the Presa/reservoir/lake
water break
Looking down at the outlet.
Looking back north over Presa Santa Ana
One of a few small homes in the back country.
Looking towards Valenciana
Looking east over Guanajuato towards La Bufa.
Adobe casita along the ridge
View east over Guanajuato
Looking east over Guanajuato and La Bufa
Looking south with La Purisima in the distance.
Remains of ancient road with Guanajuato in the distance
Former mine building?
At the end of the trail is the large 'new cemetery'
Views from the New Cemetery to the South.


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