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vicino a Fond Moustiques, Martinique (Martinique)

We began our hike in Salinas.
We walked on the road that ran parallel to the beach.
You reach the "end of the road" where cars are no longer permitted.
From there you walk under the canopy of Manchineel and other trees until you reach "the bridge". As we are not Giants, we could not use the large rocks as stepping stones. The ease to do so varies with the tide!!! We opted to just walk through the shallow area to the bridge, then walk the bridge, and use the stones on the other side until we needed to get back into the water.
As we have done this hike many times, there have been occasions that we could actually walk around the wet area and never get wet!!! (A very low tide, of course!)
Immediately after the bridge are the Salt Flats. You can explore in many directions. We opted to stay on the main, well marked path.
As you continue hiking, the views are breathtaking in all directions. You can see the "Devil's Table".
Then on up to the Petrifications.
On another walk, we continued much further. But this day... we stopped here and returned to Salinas Beach.

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  • m/v Seamantha 21-nov-2016

    Did this portion of the trail round trip from Salines. Moderately easy hike with some beautiful views along the way.

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