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vicino San Marco, Campania (Italia)

Punta Licosa

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    bombaybelle 26-ago-2016

    Note that there is gate at Ogliastro that is sometimes closed which blocks road access-- not everyone is let through. This seems to be less of an issue if coming from Punta Licosa, as the gate at that end has been removed. If it is blocked in Ogliastro, then you can cut off the road and skirt through some trees and into a parking area for cars. The path depicted above first follow the road, then switches to the trail. But note that at some points the trail is blocked (trees, bushes, or if walking along the water by rocks). As far as I could tell the only way to follow this path was to get your feet wet and walk around the corners where rocks block access (or perhaps wait for low tide). The water is shallow so on a calm low tide day it seems possible, but I did not attempt this. I switched back to the road. The path is beautiful though, especially from Punta Licosa to Ogliastro.

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