Tempo  5 ore 27 minuti

Coordinate 755

Uploaded 29 marzo 2017

Recorded marzo 2017

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1.235 m
567 m
11,33 km

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vicino Pregasina, Trentino - Alto Adige (Italia)

Pregasina - Cima Larici poi ritorno a Pregasina, passeggiata bellissima con la vista panoramica sul lago di Garda.. Altezza massima 1200 metri.

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  • Jared Bryan 20-mag-2018

    I have followed this trail  verificato  View more

    There is a water source about halfway up the ascent if one has a filter. The climb is much easier in the direction this member uploaded it. There are a large number of mountain bikers on several sections of the trail, so be ready to move out of their way quickly. We did the ascent in the rain without issue, but the desecent is fairly slick if raining. There is minimal exposure on this trail.

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