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vicino Finale Ligure, Liguria (Italia)

La Val Ponci e i Ponti Romani della via Iulia Augusta
  • Foto di Ponte delle Fate
Ponte delle Fate
  • Foto di Ponte Sordo
Ponte Sordo
  • Foto di Ponte Muto
Ponte Muto
  • Foto di Ponte dell'Acqua
Ponte dell'Acqua

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  • Billywhizzzuk 8-lug-2012

    For a different return, try descending the western side of the valley - follow the red diamonds, track meanders between SE and SW. Terrain is more varied and more challenging, including a short rope assisted drop off over cliff. Spectacular views from rock column jutting up and out to the south. path starts just a few metres west from the Ponti Romani trail at top by church

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