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vicino a Trung Trang, Hải Phòng (Vietnam)

Independent - (no tour)

From the park entrance to the frog lake : lots of ups and downs in the shade (forest) but no difficulties in the way - easy to find and often cobbled - apart from deshydratation (humid and very hot atmosphere during may).
From the frog lake to Viet Hai village : ups and downs again but no pavement anymore and some pathways with a lot of slippery and sharp rocks which make ascent and descent more difficult. About 1h of difficulties and 30 minutes of easy stroll to Viet Hai village. In the village : small restaurants and shops provide fresh water and other stuff. From Viet Hai village to Viet Hai pier : small concrete road, no traffic, beautiful landscapes. + Nice swim.
At the pier : no boats ! We had to negociate a private taxi-boat back to Cat Ba with the only guy we found there (a friend of him came with his fishing boat after a call). Knowing a bit of vietnamese helps. From what we learnt after paying too much, price should be about 200 000 VND Viet Hai pier - Cat Ba ; 400 000 VND for return-trip.

Hiking made by not so sporty but resolute people !

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  • stefooo 12-feb-2017

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    One the best activities to do at Cat Ba island. It was sometimes quite difficult 5 hours long trek through the jungle, but most of the path were well accessible. Keep in your mind, there is very bad connection from the end of the trail back to the Cat Ba. Official boat with regular pricing departing only 2 times per day, but exact times are still mystery due to lack of any timetables.

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