Tempo in movimento  2 ore 51 minuti

Tempo  4 ore 19 minuti

Coordinate 2148

Uploaded 12 marzo 2018

Recorded marzo 2018

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419 m
153 m
12,75 km

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vicino Pietà San Giovannello, Sicilia (Italia)

Noto Antica

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  • Foto di kathleen.vandensteen

    kathleen.vandensteen 15-mar-2018

    Dag Jaap,

    Ik heb deze track vorig jaar gelopen. Ben jij nog 'waakhonden' tegengekomen die je voorbij moest ergens ter hoogte van Timpasole

  • jasperbos 10-set-2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Beautiful hike through Noto Antica and and back over Timpasole and Cugno Vasco. The trail is easy to follow and not very difficult.

    We took an alternative route for a part. We went down to Cava dell Carosello and from there followed a path down though the valley. From the lowest point of this trail we continued this track. I highly recommend this alternative route. You pass by two very scenic pools.

    We did not encounter dangerous dogs after Timpasole. We did see a few barking dogs on the way there but there were all behind a fence.

    Make sure you have offline access to the map, cell reception is limited in the valleys.

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