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vicino a Canyon Junction, Wyoming (United States)

Norris Geyser Basin is one of the main thermal attractions in Yellowstone Park. It is very popular with many other good Wikiloc tracks posted.

The trail from the parking lot first passes a book store, then the Norris Geyser Basin Museum, a historic stone structure opened in 1930 to help orient visitors to Yellowstone's geological history.

The Museum of the National Park Rangers is nearby (off-track). In the late 1800's it was an outpost of US soldier caretakers of the Park. The Norris Campground is also nearby.

Micro-organisms live in the springs, geysers and hot acid streams and give them varied coloration. Within the thermal areas the entire track is confined to boardwalks for the safety of visitors.

This track was recorded in early June 2019 using Wikiloc's free offline Wyoming State Map download.
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Parking was crowded on the day (early June), but after going around slowly twice a few spaces opened up. There are large washroom facilities near the start of the trail.

Enter Fumarol Basin

A moderately steep paved path descends from the museum into the geyser basin. A few very noisy active steam fumerols were passed on the edge of the basin within 5 meters of the path.

Living Thermometer

Mineral deposits here record extreme habitats. Life has adapted to the iron rich, hot (100 to 140 deg. F), acidic environments. Micro-organisms called thermopiles thrive, and the number of these living in a 10 inch square may exceed the numbers of people on earth. The color of these organisms varies with temperature from rust to green.
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End of Boardwalk (under repair)

The satellite image shows a loop path, however a long section was dismantled for repairs on the day, and backtracking was required.
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Forest trail conditions

A loop trail goes south to other thermal features in the area. The forest sections way from the thermal areas do not have confining boardwalks.

Cistern Spring

See photo description of Cistern Spring. Occasional small thermal features are passed along the way.
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At parking lot near start of trails. Large with full indoor facilities.

Steamboat Geyser

Said to be the worlds tallest active geyser. It has unpredictable, infrequent major eruptions of more than 300 ft (91 m). The last major eruption was on May 27, 2019. There are more frequent minor eruptions of 10 to 40 feet. The path from here back to the Museum passes Emerald Spring (see photo description).

Echinus - Acidic Geyser

Eruptions can occur hours, days, or even months apart. Echinus Geyser was named in 1878 when mineralogist Dr. Albert Peale studied the geysers deposits. They reminded him of the spines on echinoderms (starfish and sea urchins). Millions of spine-shaped deposits surround Echinus Geyser. Iron, arsenic, manganese, and aluminum area all found in the acidic fountain of water that showers the landscape. With each eruption these metals help build the miniature rust-colored sinter spines.

Green Dragon Spring

This spring feeds a small lake. There is a small side path down to the beach.

Yellow Funnel Spring

One of the many smaller thermal features along the southern loop trails.

Minute Geyser

The Minute Geyser got clogged by rocks from visitors when the old road passed nearby. Before that it used to erupt to 40-50 ft heights every 60 seconds. Now smaller irregular irruptions occur from a smaller eastern vent. Photos attached to this way point include other thermal features along this section of the trail.

Eastern Path, to end of Boardwalk

the boardwalk offers fascinating views of small thermal cones, pools, and geysers in this area.

East Fumarol Basin


Hot Acid Rivers

The main runoff channel for the Geyser Basin passes through this area. The hot acid waters have a variety of colors due to their high thermophyle content.

Central Fumarol Basin




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