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vicino a Miléai, Thessaly (Greece)

Milies to Tsagarada. This is a beautiful walk through forest on old kalderimi (stone paths) and some sections of earth road. In places the route was hard to define because of activity by logging. In the area above Xourikti heavy winter rains have washed away two small sections of the path. They can be passed with care if you are agile. It would be possible to make a small diversion as a permanent solution.

Forest river crossing


Waypoint marker

We follow the path to the left here.

Joining an earth road

Here we emerge from the forest path and join an earth road.

Follow the earth road uphill

There are a number of waymark signs on posts and also red paint marks that will help you along this route.

Follow the earth road to the left.

More old waymarker signs exist but all would benefit from being renewed.
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Logging area

A lot of tree cutting in this area. It does not appear well managed as in many places cut logs are left blocking the route, be careful to stay on track because the route will be obscured in places.

Picnic shelter

This old shelter is surrounded by logging work.Several small paths are blocked here.
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Anavasi Map Central Pelion 4.31

We use this map for the walk. It is described as hiking route 11a.
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We took the wrong path!

You can see from our track that we took a wrong turn. The problem is the correct path was obscured by logging. The logger's path appeared to be the correct route. We made a right turn by a temporary animal enclosure, used for the logger's horses. The true path simply goes straight ahead.

This was not the path but it looked like it!

The correct path was 50 meters to our left in the woodland where the trees have not been cut!

Dry river bed

We continued on the path through the woods and cross a dry stream bed.

Descending gently to another river crossing

The old stone path is evident along much of the route and is at it's most beautiful at higher levels deep in the forest.

Broken bridge - but easy to cross the riverbed.


Follow the stone path to the right as it descends from the earth road.

It is easy to miss this turn, but there are red painted arrows to guide you. This looks like it may be a new section of stone created to connect with the earth road.

Concrete road junction.

We leave the forest path and emerge on the concrete road. We turn half left and straight ahead towards a small church.

Views over the Aegean towards Skopelos and Alonyssos


Fallen tree blocking the path.

This can be easily passed around but needs to be cut with a chainsaw to reopen the path.

Xourichti Landslide - 1

The heavy winter rains (2018) have caused damage to several main roads and local infrastructure. On this path we found 2 small sections of path destroyed by a landslip. It is possible to climb above the landslip, but some care and agility is necessary. TAKE CARE! Note..We will inform friends in the area. It should be possible to cut a narrow diversion path, by hand or small machine into the hillside.

Xourichti Landslide - 2

A little further along the path we find a second landslide that can be fixed with a small diversion.

The path descends to meet the Xourichti - Tsagarada road.

Follow the main road downhill for a short distance to find the path.

Take the path to the right and descend to the old stone bridge.




Old stone bridge

The beautiful old stone bridge crossing the Milopotamos River




Journey's end. Tsagarada is a collection of 4 communities so there is much to explore. But today we are heading to the first community of Taxiarches.... just follow the road or take another path from the village network.

Taxiarches plateia

Time for a beer!

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  • Neta Ofer 17-ott-2019

    Ho seguito questo percorso  verificato  Vedi altro

    Beautiful scenic trail. Amazing views of the sea and cliffs. The first section is a little hard to follow but once you are on the cliffs above the sea very easy to follow

  • Foto di mehdi.tabibvand

    mehdi.tabibvand 10-mar-2020

    What a beautiful path
    Your photos are really awesome
    Very enjoyable and exciting

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