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  • Foto di Meall Fuar-Mhonaidh Peak views Loch Ness
  • Foto di Meall Fuar-Mhonaidh Peak views Loch Ness
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vicino a Boleskine, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Meall Fuar-Mhonaidh is the largest peak in the Loch Ness area and can be seen from up to 30 miles (48km) away on a clear day. If you choose your day wisely in terms of the weather then on the summit you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of Loch Ness and even as far down the Great Glen as Ben Nevis.
With a summit of 699 metres (2293 ft) Meall Fuar-Mhonaidh is actually considered a Graham which, although no comparison to hiking a munro, shouldn’t be taken too lightly.

To reach the START: drive up the Bunloit hill until you reach the car park at the very end of the Great Glen way. It’s worth noting that, if you are planning on doing some more hiking around Loch Ness, several start or pass through this area.

The path starts going through the woodland and will then begin a steep ascent. This ascent provides some beautiful scenery. After this ascent, you’ll pass through another gate which almost marks the end of the wooded area. Continue up the hill on the obvious path ahead which leaves the forest behind and approaches the looming summit of Meall Fuar-Mhonaidh ahead.

Continue up onto the moorland and climb over the giant deer fence which is in place. There’s a stile for you to go up and over and if you have a dog there’s more than sufficient space between the fence wires.

Continue along the self-explanatory path ahead on the ridge leading up the mountain. The path will pass through a rocky section and then dip down before the final steep ascent up to the summit.

Being an extremely popular route the very visibly worn with some quite boggy sections. At a leisurely pace, the climb itself shouldn’t prove to be much of a challenge to anyone with at least a basic level of fitness.

After the steep ascent, there are a couple of false summits. Don’t be fooled by the first cairn you reach, this isn’t the actual summit, the actual summit is just up ahead beyond the dip after the initial false summit.

Here there are several cairns with the highest point being at the far end of the plateau.

From the summit, you can enjoy some amazing views of Loch Ness and the south-western munros down the Great Glen.

To the north-west you’re looking at the munros of Glen Affric and, on a really clear day, looking west you may even get a glimpse of the Cuillins in Skye.

The conditions on the top tend to be extremely windy which adds a big chill factor. Each time I’ve climbed Meall Fuar-Mhonaidh I’ve spent very little time on the actual summit. If you take a picnic or some snacks then the best place is in the dip just between the false and actual summit. Here you’ll be a lot more sheltered from the wind and there are some rocks and banks for you to sit on.

The descent follows the exact same path back down to the car park. Take your time and enjoy the amazing views of Loch Ness as you descend. If you’re walking all the way back to Drumnadrochit then just follow the path along the roadside which will lead right down to the village.

If you want to head up Meall Fuar-Mhonaidh then you should aim for as clear a day as possible. Check out The Met Office for the most accurate forecasts.

It can generally be climbed at any time of the year. Conditions can, however, be harsh in winter with the risk of heavy snow and blizzards. For the best weather consider going up in summer or autumn, spring is also perfectly doable but with a slightly higher risk of rain. There may be snow on the summit from November to as late as April.

Information taken from https://inshapexplorer.com/hiking-meall-fuar-mhonaidh

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