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vicino Chin'gae, Incheon (South Korea)

The hike started at an elevation of 8m above sea level and climbed quickly and steeply to a jagged granite peak at 476m. The views of the ocean from the peak makes the walk distinct from your typical hikes in Seoul, but choose the day properly as the wind can be strong enough to blow you away and visibility so low that you can easily become separated from your group. The hike up from the southeast entrance was rougher compared to the easy stroll down from the peak to the main gate (50 minutes) along easy well trodden steps. Hwado bus stop is about 500 metres from the main entrance. Buses from there takes you all the way to Shincheon in Seoul.

Gangwhado ginseng makkurli is highly recommended after the hike.


Manisan trail start

20-MAR-10 2:12:30PM

Manisan Peak

20-MAR-10 3:52:39PM

Manisan trail finish

20-MAR-10 4:42:46PM

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  • Foto di slee26oct

    slee26oct 21-mar-2010

    Hiked with the Seoul Hiking Group on the 20th of March, 2010 on a day with spectacular views of clouds, yellow dust from China and howling winds.

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