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vicino a Jaeunsa, Gyeonggi-do (South Korea)

Route through the Bukhansan National Park.
Start from Mangwolsa Station, follow the track to pass underneath the motorway and head to the park entrance (small hut). At the park entrance, go around the right side of the bar, that's where the path to the Mangwolsa temple starts (there are signs at that point as it is an intersection of different paths). enter the park and follow the signs to the Mangwolsa temple.

The track becomes steeper as you walk along. Take your time.

Eventually you will get to the Mangwolsa temple. It is a formidable view. From there, follow the signs to the ridge and once at the top, turn left and walk along the right. The path here is quite rocky and may be slippery at times. Hang on to the rails and chains for precaution.

Walking along the ridge you will head to the peak of Donbongsan. Before the summit, there is a choice between two paths: along the ridge or around. There are danger signs and suggestions to go around the ridge. I went around the ridge. Eventually, you end up in Dobongsan anyway.

On the way down it is, again, pretty steep. I followed the track through the shed, although you may chose to follow the signs to the temple (as in this track: http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=773430). Eventually, both paths merge in the park entrance. From the park entrance head to the Dobongsan station. Just walk down the street and you'll see the station at the end.

Make sure you bring water, there are no fountains on the way. The upper section of the ridge is very rocky and steep so be prepared for that.


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