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vicino Mammoth, Wyoming (United States)

This is the first major thermal site after entering Yellowstone National Park from the North Gate. It is a good introduction to the volcanic and thermal character of the area. However, every thermal site has its own unique character, and so they never seem repetitive.

The area also has a social and exploration history. It was traversed by famous explorers and was a US cavalry base during the push westwards. There is much information on this in a small museum in the Visitor Center (along this track).

Recorded at the beginning of June 2019 using Wikilocs free offline Wyoming State Map download.
Parking here is more plentiful that at the springs. The walk is not too far and passes large washroom facilities on the way. The Visitor Center is also handy if parking here.
Includes interpretive displays on park history and wildlife.
There are two large modern toilet facilities in this area, along walk to springs. Elk were gathered beneath shade trees nearby.
Called the "Liberty Cap". This cone feature must be much harder than its surrounding carbonate deposits. Probably its a deeper hot spring vent with silica content that has later been exposed by erosion.
The hot spring source is above these terraces and hot flowing water cascades down and deposits carbonate minerals. All the hot springs are extreme environments yet microbial life forms (thermophile communities) are abundant in the hot acidic pools, giving the carbonate deposits a varied coloration.
Large hot spring area with multicolored carbonate terraces and pools.
A large bluff of dry carbonate in a less thermally active area. Bird activity is intense around here, and there appear to be nests in the cliff face. Killdeer were seen below the bluff and blend perfectly with the coloration in this part of the hot spring deposits.
A flat extensive carbonate plateau caps the thermal area. New Blue Spring is here.
Good drop off for those who would prefer to go down hill only.
This spring is apparently named for its yellowish coloration, Vert interesting carbonate textures in the pools beside the boardwalk. In one place the boardwalks are being reclaimed by the growing hot spring deposits.
Palette spring forms picturesque pools before flowing over the edge to form the terraces below.


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