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  • Foto di Lipe-Leuse-Leshice
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644 m
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vicino a Lipë, Gjirokastër (Albania)

This is a nice warm up hike which gives the opportunity to visit 3 villages near Përmet in an easy hike. The hike offers very good views onto the Vjosa valley and visits in villages which are still free of modern buildings and reach in history and culture. These three villages have been very developed during the Ottoman Empire. The village of Lipë is almost destroyed and only 3 families are living there, while in Leusë and Lëshicë there are still many families living in.
The hike starts by taking left at the fork (WP 2) approx. 300 meters before arriving at Lipë (WP 1) when taking the only dirt road to the village. The hike ascends on a good trail which has been used by cars during the communism time but now would be impossible to do that because the road is too narrow and destroyed in many parts.
After approx. 400 meters, turn right at the fork close to a water pond for cattle (WP 3). The trail ascends gently, on a visible trail, enters a rare pine forest (WP 4) after awhile and climbs gently the pass (WP 5) that leads to Leusë.
From the pass one can see few houses of Leusë. The trail follows left for a gentle descent.
In few minutes the view into the village opens and one would easily descent in Leusë.
The trail travels through the village and takes right at the church (WP 6) and then left at the first junction (WP 7) to Lëshicë.
Keep walking on the main trail which is visible and takes more or less the same altitude for descending to the village after approx 40 minutes. Near the church of the village there is a nice meadow and a water source close by (WP 8).

1. Lipë village, 532 m
2. Trailhead, 498 m
3. Cattle pond, 544 m
4. Forest entrance, 598 m
5. Pass, 642 m
6. The church of Leusë 418 m
7. junction, 426 m
8. Leshicë village, 411 m


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  • Foto di GeorgK

    GeorgK 6-gen-2018

    Thank you Endrit for inspiring us to take this route. Although we did it in January 2018, it was wonderful! Amazing scenery.

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