Tempo  4 ore 36 minuti

Coordinate 513

Caricato 15 novembre 2016

Recorded novembre 2016

703 m
303 m
5,45 km

Visto 1405 volte, scaricato 105 volte

vicino Higgovale, Western Cape (Republic of South Africa)

A highlight reel hike for Cape Town or even South Africa. Fabulous views of the ocean/beaches/bays, Table Mountain, Twelve Apostles, Signal Hill and of course the city of Cape Town sprawled out below.

The 'standard' path starts at a parking area on Signal Hill Road, is in great condition and is easy to follow, winding clockwise up the mountain. We added a half hour detour on the way up to see Wally's Cave a notable site. On the way down we took the steeper and more challenging route with chains and ladders. The views were amazing and the full moon hike was heavily attended. We easily spent an hour at the summit (beautiful day, sun was going down and full moon rising). We took it easy on the way down and timing for the descent was a little less than 1 hour.

Highly recommended.

Wally's Cave

Wally's Cave is accessible by following a trail to the left of the first ladder. Swing around the end of the barbed wire (don't rely on GPS) and you will wind around the mountain at the same elevation to the south facing side to see the cave. The view from the cave is shown below.

Intersection 1

Here is the start of the path to Wally's Cave. It winds clockwise to the south side at about the same elevation (no real climbing or descending).


Not quite the top but still amazing views. The wiki trail we were following ended here. The mountains Peak elevation is approximately 700 meters.

Lion's Head Summit

Amazing views in all directions.


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