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vicino a Halsteads Bay, Ontàrio (Canada)

Nice hike near Gananoque, a group of us were staying at a place in the Thousand Islands area and went for a hike on a beautiful day in late summer.

We saw a variety of good looking homes as we walked down River Road from our resort, crossed a bridge using the Thousand Islands Parkway and entered a small park on the south side of the road with views of the St. Lawrence River and Halsteads Bay. Everyone was eager to continue so we crossed the parkway and entered the Thousand Islands National Park. There were no entry fees and no Covid restrictions posted. The maps seemed to vary from sign to sign, some with a lot more detail than others. The "Lookout" was our first destination and with only gradual climbing we were all pretty impressed with the view from the rocky perch.

There was some back tracking on the north side of the loop as we struggled to stay on the Donevan Trail. But we figured it out and after getting back to the park's entrance we followed River Road back to our starting point.

A good time was had and no hikers were lost!


Nice views of the Thousand Islands and Halsteads Bay


Some pretty sweet views especially considering how easy the climb was.

Whale Rock

This location was on some of the maps. Most of our crew marched by without giving it the credit the park felt was its due.

Frogs Fork

We had some trouble staying on the path, this seemed like a recognizable intersection.


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